Polyfon Mesh™

  • Biz Dojo - Polyfon Mesh black & white
  • Online Republic - Polyfon Mesh
  • North Shore Events Centre - Polyfon Mesh
  • Biz Dojo - Polyfon Mesh white
  • Biz Dojo - Polyfon Mesh white
  • Biz Dojo - Polyfon Mesh black
Polyfon Mesh™
Polyfon Mesh™ provides the opportunity for a ceiling to incorporate pattern and texture without overwhelming the interior. Originally developed from a clients need to find an alternative to conventional metal mesh, Polyfon Mesh™ is a game changer in the refurbishment of existing grid and tile ceilings. Asona’s Polyfon Mesh™ provides a creative mask to the plenum which remains open to air circulation & back lighting options.
Polyfon Mesh™ is ideal for deconstructed corporate interiors, retail complexes, airports, showrooms and other large volume public spaces.
Polyfon Mesh™ is manufactured in New Zealand from a proprietary light weight composite board perforated to provide a mesh ceiling effect.


Replicates the look of metal mesh
49% open area allows visibility to the plenum spaces which is ideal for security at airports
Group 1S Fire Rating, suitable for all areas including corridors and fire exits
Dimensionally stable and allows good ventilation
Very light weight, fits into standard grid systems
Provides an attractive open cell aesthetic
Passive heat/cooling system using thermal mass
Stock colours & custom RAL colours available to order
White, Grey and Black cores available
10 x 600 x 600 mm and 10 x 600 x 1200 mm sizes
Manufactured in NZ, short lead times


Polyfon Mesh™ Datasheet
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