Triton 50HD™

Triton 50HD™

Triton 50HD™ is a made in NZ high sound absorbing ceiling panel that is designed to control unwanted noise reverberation and with a HD core for attenuation of plenum noise and room to room noise.

Panels are available in standard and large sizes and in a wide range of decorative acoustic finishes, colours, wood prints and perforated laminate designs.

High NRC and CAC 35 for combined acoustic performance.


Triton 50HD™ is an ideal retrofit acoustic panel for classrooms, offices, community halls when applied directly over plasterboard in large sheets or as a suspended grid and panel ceiling.


Manufactured from 96 kg/m³ bio-soluble glass wool, tissue backed, 320 gsm Sonatex™ / Sonaris™ acoustic laminate finish. 


NRC 0.95, 50 mm thick panel provides superior sound absorption at low to high frequencies in either direct fix over plasterboard or as a suspended ceiling.
CAC 35 as standard
Large panels up to 1200 x 2400 provide a cleaner look with fewer panel joins compared to standard 600 x 1200 size.
Fire Group 1-S.
Broad range of Sonatex™ and Sonaris™ decorative acoustic laminate finishes for design flexibility.
GreenTag certified Level A, low VOC, core contains 80% recycled post consumer waste glass.
Panels are available with temporary protective foil covering to keep the panels clean during installation. Ideal for service panels.
Custom size border panels help give perimeters a cleaner look.
Made in NZ, short lead times including replacement parts.
Packaging take back and reuse scheme available (NZ only).
Product stewardship Renew and Reuse program.
Durable and dimensionally stable in high humidity.
Light weight for seismic areas, easy to work and trim.

Technical Drawings


Triton™ 50HD Datasheet
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