Triton Trio 85™

Triton Trio 85™

Triton Trio 85™ is a proprietary made in NZ 85 mm thick triple
layer high mass composite accessible ceiling panel designed to
provide maximum attenuation of airborne noise transmission
and maximum sound absorption for reduction of reverberation
both in the occupied space and in the plenum area.


Triton Trio 85™ is ideally suited for all areas requiring attenuation
from rain noise, plenum noise as well as controlling room
reverberation and acoustics.


Manufactured in NZ from 50 mm glass fibre core with a
Sonatex™ facing and a high mass 10mm 690 kg/m³ plasterboard
attenuator backer on top, plus a further 25mm high
density glass fibre board on top.


STC 25 dB, high mass for maximum attenuation of air borne noise transmission.
Access to plenum services, fast and easy to install.
Provides sound absorption inside ceiling cavity.
Made in New Zealand, Short lead times.
Global GreenTag Certified, Level A
NRC 0.95 for maximum absorption, reduce background noise levels and reverberation times.
Cost effective noise attenuation without the need for a secondary acoustic (blanket) treatment.
Eliminates the service cost and risks associated with a secondary acoustic blanket overlay.

Technical Drawings


Sonatex Colour Finishes
Sonaris Perforation Patterns


Triton Trio 85™ Datasheet
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