Ultratone™ Perforated Plasterboard

Ultratone™ Perforated Plasterboard

Asona Ultratone™ is a perforated GIB® plasterboard panel designed for acoustic ceilings and wall linings. Made in NZ, Ultratone™ is manufactured in a range of perforation patterns and open areas to meet acoustic and aesthetic requirements. Panels are screw fixed and flush stopped to level 4 and painted on site for a monolithic appearance.


Asona Ultratone™ is a durable perforated acoustic lining for control of unwanted noise reverberation in residential and commercial construction; open plan living and office spaces, meeting rooms, receptions, hallways, hotels, healthcare, retirement facilities, auditoria, libraries, halls, malls etc.


Panels are manufactured in NZ from GIB® plasterboard with acoustic tissue backing.


Excellent acoustic performance to absorb and diffuse unwanted noise for greater comfort. NRC 0.55-0.80, CAC 30-44 with Asona Triton acoustic tile backer.
Durable long lasting plasterboard finish that is easy to repaint without reduction in acoustic performance.
Fire Group 1-S rating.
Made in NZ for short lead times and low carbon km’s.
Available in a wide range of perforations patterns.
8, 12 or 15mm Ø perforations for a classic look.
12 x 12 mm square perforation.
Alternating 12 and 20mm Ø perforations.
Random 8, 15, and 20 mm Ø perforations.
All panels come with clear borders for ease of installation and finish with stronger crack resistant joins.

Technical Drawings


Asona Ultratone™ Datasheet
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